Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association

Critical Protection for Financial Institutions

About Us

The Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association (COCHA) is a non-profit 501c(6) business and trade organization. We exist to provide services to the financial institution industry in Oklahoma and nationwide. Official historical minutes of the Oklahoma City Clearing House, our precursor, date back to 1903. In 1973, the group reorganized as the Central Oklahoma Clearing House Association, or COCHA, as we are known today.

Our primary Focus

Our primary focus is to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for Risk Management. Our Alert Distribution System and Database enhances operational value by reducing fraud losses for our members.

Our Image Exchange

Our Image Exchange dramatically shortens the collection cycle by enabling the electronic exchange of items. This results in reductions of non-earning assets, fraud exposure, and processing costs and delays.

Our Membership

COCHA also offers our Members a variety of support services. Support program participation helps enhance operational value such as: reducing fraud losses and maintaining competitive benefits and compensation structures. Membership also provides a significant opportunity for the exchange of industry information at various levels.